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Tight Line Braid

Red 12 Strand Hollow Core

Red 12 Strand Hollow Core

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TLB Advantages:

• No line memory issues-keeps reel spools less knotted and smoother casting

• Increased Reliability-performs when others snap

• Increased Durability-holds up to all environmental conditions

• Smaller diameters-which gets more line on the reel and reduces chances of getting spooled

• No color bleeding-TLB ColorN process locks color in and will not bleed off causing messy boat decks or stained gear.

• Extremely strong and abrasion resist-less fish and tackle losses

• Affordable pricing – achievement to you through our expertly tuned manufacturing practices and proficiencies, reducing waste and environmentally responsible

Whether you are pitchin’, flippin’, or Big Game fishin’. -Tight Line Braid

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